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iScan for Apple TV

iScan for Apple TV allows users to stream live police and fire feeds from around the world to their living room. iScan has support for some powerful features like alpha tags, which allow you to see the active channel on the feed at the moment. iScan allows you to search the map for locations you hear while listening.


  • Feeds from around America, Canada, and Australia. With more being added everyday.
  • Alpha tags which allows you to see which channel is active on a feed
  • A map for viewing the area around a feed
  • Ability to search the map for addresses you hear while streaming
  • Save your favorite feeds for easy access

You can download iScan for Apple TV today for $4.99.

Requesting New Feeds

iScan includes a new way for users to request feeds, you can do so via Settings in iScan on Apple TV. You can also request a feed the old fashion way by emailing Please include the county (or city) and state which you're requesting. I'll do the best I can do get your area provided.

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