iScan - Police and Fire Scanner

iScan for iOS running on an iPad and iPhone

Listen to local police and fire departments from around the United States, Canada, Australia, and other counties with iScan on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. iScan places a unique perspective on design and quality. iScan includes a library of police 10-codes. Alpha tags which allow you to see the active channel. And a night mode for changing feeds in low-light settings.


  • Featuring feeds from around America, Canada, and Australia
  • Alpha Tags which will let you see which channel is playing
  • Alert Feeds: see nation-wide large scale incidents
  • Police 10-codes libraries to choose from so you can understand the lingo
  • Night Mode for easier use in low-light settings
  • Handoff support so you can begin listening to a feed on one device and beginning listening on another

Requesting New Feeds

You can request a feed by emailing Please include the county (or city) and state which you're requesting. I'll do the best I can do get your area provided. You can also report broken feeds to this email address.

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Alert Feeds

Alert feeds lets you listen to first responders radio traffic for nationwide breaking news stories. With alert feeds you'll be in the know before anyone sees it on Television or on social media. If you enable push notifications you'll receive an alert on your device when an incident is occurring.

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