What is iParked?

With iParked you'll never have to worry about remembering where you parked or remembering to make a note of where you parked before you leave your car. iParked takes advantage of the iPhone 5S motion tracking capabilities. With this technology iParked is able to detect when you're driving and when you have stopped driving. Every time iParked detects that you have stopped driving it will save your location. You don't have to do a thing besides opening the app after you download it for iParked to recognize when you park. Then when you begin to walk to your car and aren't sure of where you left your car simply open iParked and it'll have a map waiting for you with your car's location. iParked is prefect for large shopping malls, sporting events, city parking, campus parking, and more!


Automatic Parking Detection

iParked uses the new M7 chip in all new iPhone 5S devices to determine when you are walking, running, driving, or sitting. All of this information is then used to then determine when you have stopped driving and will automattically save the location where you were last driving. iParked might not get your the exact spot but it will guide you to then general isle your car is parked.

What if my phone doesn't have motion tracking?

Manually Set Image “What if I don’t have an iPhone 5S?” If you don’t have a iPhone 5S all of iParked features will still work, besides the automatic location updating. iParked requires the M7 chip for this feature so even an iPhone 5 or 5C won’t work. You can still manually set your location using our easy to use interface; it’ll take about 3 seconds to manually set it from the time you open your phone to when it’s set. You can also use the parking meter feature to stay on top of when your meter expires.

Parking Meter

What type of parking app would we be if we didn’t include a parking meter feature? A bad one. iParked features an easy to use parking meter feature that will allow you to set how much time you have on your meter and it’ll alert you just before it expires so you have time to get back to your car.

Language Support

iParked currently supports English, German, French, and Spanish. With support for more languages in the future.

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*Requires iPhone 5S for automatic saving of your car's location