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manage how much money you have in your pocket with Piggybank.

what is Piggybank?

Have you ever continuously made purchases and asked yourself, how much have I been spending lately? Well now Piggybank can help you with that. Piggybank is an easy to use application that manages your money. Simply type in your starting balance and you're all set. As you go throughout your day spending and earning money just type  them into Piggybank and Piggybank will monitor how much money you have left to spend. Piggybank doesn't share any of your data with any online server. Please check you're balance with your financial institution for a more accurate measure.

low balance alerts

Worried you might go to the store and not be able to buy something cause you ran out of money?
No worries! Piggybank will alert you when you get to a balance of your choice. Piggybank will also remind you 20 minutes after your balance drops below the minimum, a simple reminder so you don't have to worry.

Customer Reviews

"Perfectly Simple"


"Best app ever. I can easily keep track of my money. It took me so long to find an app that keeps track of the money I have in my wallet and to know where I spend and get money from easily. Then I found this, and its so helpful too!"

*Reviews via the iTunes App Store.

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Touch ID

Now with iOS 8 you can securely lock Piggybank and only unlock it via your finger print.