Jan 20, 2017

iScan for Mac Finally Updated

What took so long?

iScan for Mac hasn't been updated since July, and you'll notice there hasn't been many changes. So why'd it take so long? A weird bug continued to occur when I attempted to upload iScan to the App Store; after several weeks of trying to address the issue I got in touch with Apple. They were able to tell me immediately what was going on, allowing me to successfully submit iScan to the App Store. Looking ahead I'll continue to have more updates for iScan in a more timely manner. I'm sorry for the delay.


What's new?

Nothing to exciting, this update removes Alert Feeds, which are temporally being removed from the App. I've made a number of tweaks to Favorites. And finally the codes list will always be displayed on the right side of the app.

Full Release Notes
  • Removes Alert Feeds
  • Improvements to Favorites
  • Codes are now permanently displayed to the right of the map.