Nov 2, 2016

Announcing iScan 5.10

iScan hasn’t been updated since May and it’s about time it gets some new features. In iScan 5.10 you can now search for a feed in any state listed in the iScan catalog. The UI is now a pretty white color that looks great; especially when compared to that ugly grey color. There is also a ton of under the hood changes that improve the apps reliability and stability. Now onto two big changes you’ll notice immediately. Now you may or may not notice that Alert Feeds has been removed. I removed Alert Feeds for now until I can find a way to better manage it. It’s too much for me to upload an alert feeds every time something happens; I don’t want to say this is the death of Alert Feeds, it is just that it’s going away for a little while. Now the big kicker you’ll notice is Ads are now displayed on the bottom of the now playing screen. Ads will only be shown to users who don’t have iScan Premium or who haven’t purchased one of the past “Support iScan” selections. “Support iScan” wasn’t bringing in enough revenue as I had hoped it would, so a small nonintrusive ad will be displayed below the map on the Now Playing screen. If you wish to support iScan and have ads removed, you can purchase iScan Premium for $2.99 inside the app and have ads removed for a year. A number of improvements for the iPad version of iScan are planned for later this year or early next year; I’m looking forward to sharing those announcements with you soon.