Oct 14, 2016

Step It Up gets iMessage App & Ads

Step It Up on iPhone and Apple Watch

Messages App

In iOS 10 Apple allows developers to place our apps directly in the messages app on your device. I've had step sharing on the the list of things to add to Step It Up for a long time now; but never found a way that was right. I believe the iMessage apps is a perfect answer to this problem and you all will enjoying your friends to live healthier lives with you.



Step It Up has been ad free for sometime now, I didn't like ads, I believe they're intrusive and take away from the overall design of apps. That being said Step It Up needs a way to support itself. Everyday Step It Up's user base grows, but revenue continues to decline. I love Step It Up and it's clear users like yourself probably do too. Unfortunately the pay if you want model isn't working. So until a better answer arrives I'm going to try small ad banners just below the graph of your steps by the hour.