Feb 25, 2016

iScan 5.9 Available on the App Store

What’s New?


First new feature is a new way to request feeds, in the last update to iScan on Apple TV I added a new way to request feeds that made request feeds simpler for you the user and for me the developer to reply to; this has been added to iScan on iOS now. Secondly, a popular request over the years has been to be able to add your own custom feeds to iScan. This is now available as an advanced feature (More on these later). I built a step-by-step guide for adding feeds which makes it easy and straight forward how to add your own feed. Finally, the biggest feature in this update is iScan is now available for free for all users on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. All features are available for access by all users and there will be no more advertisements in the app.


Why free now?

If you follow Apple news a few weeks ago you may have read about how Apple is shutting down the iAd service. iAd and In-app purchases to remove these ads was the primary business model for iScan, with Apple discontinuing this service I had a few options: charge up front for iScan, use a different ad network, or make it ad free with in-app purchase. I didn’t want to charge up front or use a different ad network that I don’t trust or have control over what is displayed. I choose to make iScan completely free and open to all users with a completely optional choice to pay an in-app purchase to help support the continued development of iScan. I know not all of your will choice to pay or can pay, and that’s completely fine, if 1% of my current user base pays we can match my current revenue off of ads.


Advanced Features

In iScan 5.9 you’ll see a new section in Settings titled Advanced under this section you’ll find some more unique ways to use iScan. Open iScan In for example is a way to have iScan open in the States tab or Favorites tab to make streaming feeds faster. A new feature is Manually Add a Feed this feature allows you to add any feed from the internet that you may with to add to iScan as long as it’s a stream compatible with iOS it’ll stream in iScan. I have plans to add more advanced features in future updates so stay tuned for more on that!