Jan 21, 2016

Step It Up 1.5 Available Now

Step It Up on iPhone and Apple Watch

A major update to Step It Up I'm not sure where to start. So what's new? Active Calories, Weight Tracking, Apple Watch improvements, and better international support!

Weight tracking now in Step It Up there's a new tab on the bottom of the screen that says "Weight" here you can few your weight and your past weights on an awesome graph! You can save you current weight right from the app and it syncs with Apple's HealthKit to keep all of the information current. I even went a step further and added Weight to the Apple Watch giving you all of the same awesome features*.

Active Calories by popular request if you have an Apple Watch the app will show you how many active calories you burned so far each day. Step It Up shows you active calories on the main page on iPhone and Apple Watch. It also shows active calories on the Apple Watch face with the Step It Up complication and in the Step It Up glance.

International Users Step It Up has been growing rapidly in international markets and I couldn't be more excited to welcome them to the app. This update adds support for Kilometers and Kilograms to Step It Up.

Step It Up on Apple Watch

Apple Watch App has received a number of improvements. A new design to make room for active calories in the watch app. The Watch glance now has a circular ring that fills as you move towards your daily goal. Step It Up on Apple Watch will show your most recent weight and you can save your new weight right from your wrist.

Complete Change Log:

  • Improvements to the Today widget
  • Added Kilometer measurements for distance
  • Displays active calories (On iPhone and Apple Watch)
  • Now displays your step goal on the Apple Watch
  • Improvements to the Apple Watch Glance
  • New watch complication for the modular watch face
  • Made improvements to all watch complications

*Step It Up on Apple Watch doesn't have a weight graph