Jun 18, 2015

iParked for Apple Watch


Today I'm proud to release iParked for Apple Watch. A quick personal note about iParked for Apple Watch. It seems like iParked has been in review FOREVER now. Today I went to the Apple Store and picked up a Apple Watch Sport and the first app I used was iParked since I had it installed on my phone already I could see where I left my car in the mall parking lot. This was so exciting and cool! A few minutes later my watch dinged, which is completely new experience for me; it was an email from iTunes saying iParked was approved. So finally everyone can use iParked on their wrist.

iParked for Apple Watch Features

iParked is prefect for Apple Watch with its simple and quick user interface. From Apple Watch users will be able to quickly glance at where they left there car, set their car's current location, set a parking meter, and view information about the type of car they have for times when they might have a rental car. Users can also use dictation on Apple Watch to save parking garage location notes. iParked for Apple Watch starts much like on the phone with a map and a pin of where their car is parked. From there users can scroll down to see 3 menu items; Set Car Location, Parking Meter, and Car Details.

You can download iParked for iPhone and Apple Watch on the App Store now. For new users iParked is 99 cents and for existing users this is a free update. Enjoy!