Mar 18, 2015

iScan Spring Updates

iScan on Mac, iPhone, and iPad
Handoff on iScan lets you begin listening on one device and pick up on another

Today Bean's Bytes is updating 3 apps, technically 2. iScan for Mac, iPhone, and iPad are all now being updated to include Handoff and other minor improvements. Handoff lets a user start listening to a feed on one device and then pick up right where they left off on another. For example, a user could begin listening on their iMac and with a simple swipe up on the lock screen of their iPhone they can start listening to the same feed on their iPhone as they go to leave their desk. This is super exciting and it’s going to be one of the coolest features of iScan. The update also includes new icons on iScan as well; there are more new icons on the iOS version of the app then the Mac. This change is to support the 3x resolution for the iPhone 6 Plus and it was time for a change. In addition to new icons; the iOS version was also updated to include support for the iOS 8 share sheet, improvements to happening now, and a new request feeds button in Settings which will make it easier for new users to request feeds. Piggybank also received a bug fix update last week that’s about a month late. It should have been easy to add iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support in this simple update, but it was a little tricker then expected and it took longer then it should. I have also been hard at work on an Apple Watch app so stay tuned for some exciting news related to that later this spring!
Listed below is the release notes for both iScan for Mac and iOS.


iScan for iOS 5.5
  • Handoff support (Now you can begin listening to a feed on your iPad or Mac and continue to listen on your iPhone by swiping up on the iScan icon on the bottom left of the lock screen)
  • iOS 8 Share Sheet support
  • Request feeds button in settings
  • New Cancel button in happening now, this will allow you to not listen to the feed and rather will take you back to either Favorites or States depending on which one you have set to open on start up.
  • New Play and pause buttons
  • Improved iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support
  • Fixes an iPad bug that would cause you to only select one favorite feed and not be able to select a new one.
iScan for Mac 3.3
  • ⁃ Handoff support between the Mac and our iOS App
  • ⁃ New Play Pause buttons