Dec 15, 2014

iScan for iOS is now free!

iScan on an iPhone 6

iScan for iOS has been updated to support iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It also includes a new push notification framework which will allow users all users to get Happening Now push alerts. The biggest news of this update is iScan is now free and ad supported for new users. I hope this will allow iScan to reach a larger audience and reduce any confusion that existed perviously about why there were two version of the same app. I've already began work on the next update and look forward to sharing it with you all.


What if I already paid for iScan?

If you already paid for iScan Premium iScan 5.4 will automatically recognize that you are a paying customer and hide ads from your sight. If you had iScan lite (the free version) before this update you will need to download this new version of iScan from the app store to continue to receive updates.


Can I test future updates?

Sure you can, just email me at and explain that you are interested in TestFlight beta testing! I'll be sure to email you back with all of the exciting details.