Nov 1, 2014

Looking for beta testers

Hello, earlier this year Apple announced a new beta testing service for us developers called TestFlight. TestFlight allows us developers to quickly and easily send beta (test) versions of new apps and updates for existing apps. I have several updates in the final stages of development before I submit them to the App Store. With the new service I would like to reach out to all of you and invite you to test my updates before they hit the App Store. It’s important that you use the app often and that you are aware some things might not work. What’s exciting about TestFlight is that if you all send in a bug I can quickly address the bug and have a new version sent out to you. An example of what you as a tester will be looking for is bugs that don’t occur during my testing, like in my latest Piggybank update. There is a review on the App Store that reads: “Crashes after you enter an amount.”. I never encountered this error during testing and I can not recreate the bug, while I am examining my code for what might be wrong I can’t pin point a single thing that caused it. As beta tester one of you may have found this bug and I could easily modify a few things and see if that fixes it. Allowing all of Piggybank users to have a better experience. If you are interested in testing any of my apps please emails with the subject line: TestFlight. In the body please include your name, and your email address that you use on the App Store (so I can inform Apple to invite you), also please list the types of devices you’ll be testing the apps on (Example: iPhone 5S, iPad Air,). I’m currently looking for testers for iScan for iOS, Step It Up, and iParked. Be sure to include which app you’re interesting in testing too! Thank you all, and I look forward to releasing these updates to all of you.