May 7, 2014

Announcing iParked

iParked for iPhone

Please welcome iParked to the Bean’s Bytes app family. iParked is an all new approach to the typical parking app it’s designed to take advantage of the new M7 motion chip provided in the new iPhone 5S to automatically detect when you have stopped driving. When iParked notices that you have stopped driving it will automatically save your current location so that when you head back to your car you know exactly where you left it. iParked is surprisingly precise I found during development, and it can even get down to the exact parking spot where you parked. iParked also works on older devices that do not have an M7 motion chip, like the iPhone 5 or 4S. Users on the older device just have to remember to tap the manually set location pin button on iParked’s toolbar. iParked also includes a parking meter timer so if you pay to park you can remember when it expires so you can start heading back to your car to avoid getting a ticket. iParked supports multiple languages currently iParked supports English, French, German, and Spanish; I do have plans to add more languages in future releases based on demand.


iParked is a free application available on the App Store. You can learn more about iParked on the Bean’s Bytes Web Site or on the App Store.

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