Mar 21, 2014

iScan 5.3 is now available

iScan running on an iPad and an iPhone

iScan 5.3 for iOS has been approved by Apple, and is now available for download on the App Store. iScan 5.3 is a very exciting update for iPad users. The iPad has a much larger screen then the iPhone and iPod touch; providing developers more space to create our apps. iScan's new sleep timer display In iScan 5.2 and earlier versions of iScan, iScan for iPad was pretty much just a blown up version of our iPhone and iPod touch app. That has now changed in iScan 5.3. iScan for iOS 5.3 has a complete redesigned UI for iPad users. If you device is in landscape you will have the feeds list, favorites, and setting tab on the left side of the screen. On the right will be the feed player showing you all the information you’re used to while listening to a feed in iScan. Happening now has now moved to the top navigation bar above the States list and your favorites. If Happening Now becomes active the caution icon will begin to blink red. You can tap on the icon and you’ll be presented with what is going on and you’ll have to option to listen in. The design of the feed player remains mostly the same and you probably won’t notice any difference. iScan 5.3 also has some improvements for iPhones and iPod touches as well. I introduced alpha tags in iScan 5.2 and they’ve been improved upon in 5.3. If an alpha tag is to long to fit on the screen it will now automatically scroll. I also added a sleep timer in iScan 5.2 however, there was no way to tell if the sleep timer actually started nor was there a timer displayed anywhere. In iScan 5.3 you will now see a countdown timer appear over the map just below the feed name and the alpha tags. iScan 5.3 also adds an info button to the center of the top title bar to Happening now. Tapping on the info button will bring up the information about the happing now incident. iScan 5.3 brings a few minor design changes as well, with improved the animations inside of the app, the happening now icon is now different when tapped on, and the codes list now supports night mode as well.

You can download iScan 5.3 for iOS on the App Store. Follow us @beansbytes for more updates.