Jan 12, 2014

iScan 5.2 is now available

iScan Push Alerts

iScan 5.2 is now available on the App Store. iScan 5.2 is the biggest update I’ve ever released and I’m excited for you all to start using it. I’ve made under the hood changes, improved the feed player, and added some really cool new features. Lets get started with some under the hood improvements. You’ll now notice iScan is snappier, iScan loads much faster then ever before. It also now has a completely new feed player under the hood. This new feed player allows us to support alpha tags. These alpha tags are basically a line of text that feed providers can choose to send with the audio; this text will typically display which channel on the scanner is active. So if you’re listening to Baltimore City Police in iScan an alpha tag for the western district would read “BPD West”; this will appear below the feeds name on supported feeds. Alpha tags are becoming increasingly popular and a majority of iScan’s feeds already supply them. We also added support for listening to audio while in different parts of iScan, so you can check out what other feeds we have for your area, while you can still listen to the last active feed. I didn’t stop here I have also added a sleep timer to the feed player so you can now fall asleep without being woken by calls way past your bed time.

Now on to our biggest new feature in iScan 5.2. push notifications. You can now receive push notifications when Happening Now becomes active. Happening Now is gaining popularity since its release in October; but it had one major problem; you had to be in iScan to know if something was Happening Now. With iScan 5.2 this is no longer a worry, when Happening Now is turned on you’ll receive a push notification telling you what’s going on, all you’ll have to do is tap on the alert and iScan will open to the incident.

iScan 5.2 also comes with a new featured called Night Mode. Night Mode is extremely useful if you are using iScan in the dark, with the new iOS 7 being white pretty much everywhere I felt that iScan was too bright to use in the dark. So I built Night Mode. There are 3 ways you can turn on and off night mode. We have my favorite which is shake to switch, all you have to do is shake your phone while iScan is open and night mode will turn on or off. There is also a switch in Settings that lets you control night mode, as well as an automatic feature; this will automatically turn on and off night mode based on your current screens brightness. I’ve also fixed a lot of bugs, as well as improved iPad support.

Please note that Push Alerts for Happening Now do require iScan Premium, which is the paid version of iScan. You can download iScan Premium on the App Store now.