Dec 23, 2009

iScan News Update: December 2009

Wow, December been a busy month for iScan, we submitted iScan to the App Store, we became number 36 in Free Entertainment Apps, and Version 1.1 is on it’s way to the App Store. iScan Version 1.2 has just entered development and I must say it rocks, I have one new feature all ready built in and kind-of working, I have also a few ideas for whats next. I would like to address one big issue with iScan, people keep saying it is crashing I have not had iScan crash once on the build of iScan that I submit to apple. So there is NO way for me to fix the bugs, so I ask of any one who has this error/bug please send me an email at explain to me what happen and I will do my best to fix the bug. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.