Oct 14, 2013

iScan 5.1 Now Released

iScan w/ Happening Now

Happening Now

Today we're pleased to announce a new feature for iScan, Happening Now. Happening Now is a new way for you to listen into first responder during major events, such as a large fire, shooting, or any other type of major incident. Happening Now will appear as a new tab on the bottom of iScan, when a large incident is occurring it will be updated with a "!" over the icon in the tab bar. Simply tap on the tab and you'll be able to listen in to the first responders involved. Happening Now works with iScan running on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS 7 or greater. Users can report incidents to Bean's Bytes by emailing; when reporting an incident be sure to include the county (or city) and the state, include the type of incident, who's involved police, fire, ems, etc, and how long the incident has been going on for.

What else is new

We also have some other goodies in store with iScan 5.1. The lite version of iScan has been updated to support iOS 7 along with all of the other great features bought to users in 5.0. The lite version of iScan 5.1 also supports Happening Now. iScan lite now supports the iPad (It's about time). iScan 5.1 also includes better support for Maps in iOS 7. Users can now also text friends the feed they're listening too via the app.