Sep 17, 2013

iScan 5.0 Coming Soon

iScan 5.0 will be available for update this Wednesday, Septmber 18th via the App Store. iScan 5.0 isn't a huge release with any new notable features or design changes; however, iScan 5.0 has been completly rebuilt from the ground up. You will immedialty notice a speed increase while using iScan. iScan 5.0 is also much more stable and unexplainable crashes should hopefully be no more. iScan 5.0 does have some changes though; we've improved accessibility support, added a new "Report a Problem" button which can be located in the feed player window, and finally the map won't send you to the middle of the atlantic ocean. I hope you all take advantage of the report a problem button; this feature allows you to send me an email right to my phone alerting me to a broken feed. I hopefully won't be overwelmed by emails and be able to get back to you all within a reasonable time. There's a few more features down the pipeline that will be coming in the coming months in a later update.