Nov 15, 2010

iScan for 4.1 and our plans for the future.

So last week you might have noticed iScan got an update, iScan 4.1, it was going to bring iPad and iPhone support to the same app for the same price and you'd only have to download it once. Something has gone wrong with iScan 4.1 so it still only works on the iPhone, Apple and I have tried looking into what is wrong; but still haven't fixed the problem. So what I've decided to do is update the iPad only version of iScan to iScan for iPad 2.0 and will add support for iOS 4.2. While keeping support for both iPhone and iPad on iScan 4.1 and trying to figure out what has gone wrong. If you want to download iScan 4.1 on your iPad you can using iTunes simply sync the app on it and it should start as an iPad app. I hope to be done with iScan for iPad 2.0 by early December and have it on your iPads by the holidays. Check back later for more on iScan 2.0. Be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@beansbytes) to stay up to date with iScan. If you have any questions or comments please email me at